Riley & The Lamb

When moving the sheep from one paddock to the shearing shed paddock we had an early lambing maiden ewe. She left her lamb hidden and showed no sign of distress or wanting to go back to find it.


We sent Riley out with the command "find lamb".


Riley criss-crossed the 35 acre hill paddock continuously till he found the missing baby. He stopped still, staring back at me then down at the lamb and back at me again.


We took the lamb back to the shearing shed yards where its mother refused to accept it so down to the house it came for the night. Riley carefully looked after it, washing it and keeping it warm. We reintroduced it to its mother the following day and after a bit of perseverance we were successful getting the mother to accept it again.


Without Riley's help, finding that lamb would have taken a lot longer, if at all. He is a one in a million dog for us.

Kabookie At School

Kabookie was so keen to get in on the action at the Working Koolie Association School that she thought she would climb up on the yard rails for a better view.


Her balance is astounding and there is not much she can't climb.


She was under supervision the entire time. We never chain our dogs unless they are supervised


A selection of Koolie and not so Koolie laughs.....

Lisden Chadwick

Hunterslea Elmo

My thanks to Tracy Sands for her generous permission to reprint this photograph of Lisden Chadwick the happy Golden Retriever and Hunterslea Elmo the guilty Koolie.

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