Our Koolies 

Hunterslea Riley

Hunterslea Riley is a blue merle male. He has been DNA'd pure. A copy of the results are available for anyone purchasing a puppy.


Riley works cattle and sheep & is particularly safe with young stock. He is used extensively to find missing calves and lambs bedded down in long grass. Riley works well as a lead dog and is an excellent blocking dog. He is very useful for bringing stock in to us.


He is our current stud dog.


Photo: Riley aged 2 yr 6 mths

Hutchinsons Trip

Hutchinsons Trip is a young blue merle bitch. She has not yet been DNA'd.


Trip is strong on cattle. She is willing to get in and heel cattle as well as block up. She has settled well on sheep since having puppies and works them nice and calmly. No commands are necessary. I just stand where I want the sheep and she brings them.


Trip lives to please and tries everything asked of her.


Photo: Trip aged 7 mths (once again Trip has been in the dam)

Romida Zephyr

Romida Zephyr is a blue merle bitch from the second litter of Hunterslea Riley and Hutchinsons Trip. She was born 10/11/16.


She is shaping up to be a gentle worker. She is already working poddy lambs and putting the chickens to bed every night.

She has Riley's quick thinking and intelligence with Trip's desire to please. This makes training and working with her an absolute pleasure.

Photo: Zephyr aged 5 weeks

Romida Diamond

Romida Diamond is a blue merle bitch, although she looks solid, from the second litter of Hunterslea Riley and Hutchinsons Trip. She was born 10/11/16.

Diamond (Di) is showing signs of being a strong and keen worker. She was already instinctively working poddy lambs at 7 weeks, which is early for a koolie.

She loves to be with her person and when she hears him getting the bike out of the shed, nothing will stop her from getting on for a ride to go out and check fences, sheep and cattle.

Photo: Di aged 5 weeks

Hutchinsons Poppy

Poppy was bred by Richie Hough, a long time working koolie breeder. She is by Toolalla Cutie out of Toolalla Della.


From the moment she came home with us we knew we had a bright and very active little girl on our hands.

She is a quick thinker and loves nothing more than a scratch on her throat, after throwing herself sideways at your leg. Her second favourite pastime is collecting the sheep and bringing them to me.

Poppy loves the afternoon 'Koolie Hoon' with the rest of the koolie pack. She also loves running with the bikes and swimming in the creeks and dams.

Photo: Poppy aged 3 months

Over The Rainbow Bridge

R. Kabookie

Kabookie was a red merle female. She has been DNA'd pure. 


Kabookie was a strong worker on cattle & excelled in cattle and sheep yard work and the shearing shed. She was gentle on young stock but would face up to the crankiest cows. She would bite nose and heel, block up and drive.

Unfortunately we were unable to breed with her before her untimely death by a careless person driving on the road through our property.


Photo: Kabookie aged 2 yr 3 mths